CCC Macro Pro Bundle

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Product Description

Gather your team in the conference room, set up computers, learn and SAVE when you bundle CCC Macros Pro modules, which include: Intro to Styles and Formatting, Intro to Numbering Schemes, Using Personal Numbering Schemes, Style Separators and Table of Contents.  Individually priced, the webinars would cost $599. Bundled it costs you only $400 for your team, up to 16 participants.  Here is the CCC Macro Series schedule:

CCC Macro Pro: Intro To Styles Length 1 Hour Make direct formatting a frustration of the past! Learn to use CCC Macro Pro Styles.
CCC Macro Pro: Intro To Numbering Length 1 Hour Learn to apply and edit numbering schemes for consistent formatting in all your legal documents.
CCC Macro Pro: Style Separators Length Only a ½ hour Learn all about run-in headings and how CCC Macro Pro Style Separators can save the day!
CCC Macro Pro: Personal Numbering Length 1 Hour Save valuable time by learning to create and edit your own Personal Numbering Scheme
CCC Macro Pro: Table of Contents Length 1 Hour Build, insert and modify a Table of Contents in seconds! *This course has a pre-requisite. Visit our online Shop for details

Program Note: Please be advised that webinars take place on an account with the most recent version of CCC Macros and Microsoft Office 2010.  Your Firm may not have all of the features shown.  If you do not wish for your staff to see features they do not have, please contact  We would be happy to set up a personalized webinar for your Firm’s version(s) of CCC Macros and/or Microsoft Word.